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Harvey Garod,
The Injury Lawyer

Insurance adjusters are well-trained professionals. Their job, if it appears their insured is responsible for the accident, is to make immediate contact with the accident victim. Be kind, sympathetic and considerate. Tell the injured person the insurance company just wants to be reasonable, that's all. And of course under no circumstances should the victim seek the services of a seasoned personal injury attorney. Just give the adjuster what he or she wants: a recorded statement, a few signed releases to get medicals and lost wage information, and everything will be made right. Sure.

The accident victim doesn't know the terrain. The adjuster does. For example, did you know:

1. Medical expenses paid by the injured party's own automobile or group medical insurer CAN BE CLAIMED AND MUST BE PAID IN THEIR ENTIRETY by the negligent party's insurer. The adjuster will say otherwise, only deductibles and co-payments are reimbursable. Don't believe it.
2. Time lost from work CAN BE CLAIMED AND MUST BE PAID IN ITS ENTIRETY even if there is no monetary loss because personal or sick time was used. The adjuster will say otherwise. Don't believe it.
3. If others may be responsible for the accident, signing one general release provided by the adjuster will release ALL negligent parties and may well deprive the injured person from full compensation. It depends on the wording. The adjuster knows. The accident victim does not. Proper legal interpretation is needed.
And the list goes on.
So call me, injury lawyer Harvey Garod. I've been helping people with their personal injury claims for over thirty years. You can't do it yourself. You're not equipped to do so. Put professional experience and training on your side. Go ahead, check this web site for my credentials. Then call me. You have nothing to lose -- and a lot to gain. I'm available 24/7. And remember: there's NEVER a charge for the initial conference.

Harvey Garod,
The Injury Lawyer

You are injured in an accident and out of work. Medical insurance doesn't cover all the bills. Money is running short.
The question arises: "what is my claim worth?"

Friends, relatives and neighbors may try to help, offering varying contradictory figures. Some recount tales of others injured at different times and places. The insurance adjuster keeps saying he just wants to be reasonable, but the amount offered seems anything but fair. You correctly decide it's time to consult a seasoned personal injury attorney.
Claim value certainly is an important question and routinely raised at the initial conference. But experienced counsel knows case evaluation is an art perfected only after years of personal injury practice. Each case must considered on its own merits. No two are exactly alike. Proper consideration must be given to all the following questions:

1. How clear is responsibility for the accident?
2. Did the injured person contribute to the accident?
3. What is the full extent of the injuries?
4. Has there been a full recovery?
5. If not, what continuing problems exist?,
6. What effects do these problems have on daily living?
7. What are the total medical bills, and will there be more in the future?
8. Is there a past, present or future income loss?
9. How do state and local laws affect the claim?

All these questions must be answered before a case can be evaluated. No settlement should be considered prematurely. Once the case is settled, it's over. You can't return for additional compensation if the injuries turn out to be worse than originally thought.
You can't do this yourself. I can. You don't know the terrain. I do. I've been helping accident victims get the compensation they need and deserve since 1975. So give me a call. Day or night, a live person will pick up my phone. You won't be talking to an answering machine. I promise to return your call as quickly as possible. Use my toll free number or send an e-mail. No charge. And never a charge for the initial conference. You have nothing to lose--but a lot to gain.

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